38774 - Macedonia and the governments

N. Lygeros
Translated from Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Because the Foreign Minister is unable to cope, and is trying from now on to avoid criticism and attacks due to the delay, we are increasingly observing him making statements about what previous governments have done re: the matter. He tries to make diversional moves in order to save time, because he assumes that it’s the Skopians who are wasting time. But the truth of the matter is that he wants to solve the Skopian issue at any cost merely for appearances sake, and so he functions with schemata of extortion. He however forgets that we are completely indifferent as to what the previous governments wanted to do, or have done, since nothing was actually utilized. They could’ve said what they wanted, they could’ve promised what the wanted, that doesn’t concern Hellenism. If some politicians feel guilty about their past, we couldn’t care less. What’s important is that we’ve never handed over the name of Macedonia and we are not about to do it now. If the Foreign Minister thinks that he’s stuck due to the mistakes of past politicians, then he makes a huge mistake. Hellenism is practical and doesn’t bother with these diplomatic and political controversies. The substance is quite simple. Macedonia belongs to Hellenism. That’s what history reveals, and not merely ours, consequently, everything else constitutes social details which we’ll forget as soon as we overcome the hurdles of the negotiations. That’s what the Macedonian Rallies will demonstrate as well.