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By Odyssey Magazine
Apr 17, 2003, 21:44

Top IQ

With an IQ of 189 on the Stanford Binet scale, Nikos Lygeros has earned a reputation as the smartest Greek in the world-at least that's how the Greek press has described him for the last three years. Lygeros, a research fellow and computers and mathematics lecturer at France's University of Lyon, is a member of the French branch of Mensa and several other societies for individuals with high IQs (Sigma, Mega Foundation etc.).

The Stanford Binet is used in "Genetic Studies of Genius," the most famous longitudinal study of gifted individuals. Lygeros, 35, has also developed his own, more expansive, IQ test (the G-test) and created the PI society, where an individual's intelligence quotient is measured in the fields of mathematics, sciences, philosophy and literature. He is editor of PI's online journal Perfection.

Lygeros believes Achilles, Ulysses and Prometheus are archetypes of gifted, universal genius-"the universal genius is necessarily an altruist." A breakthrough by Lygeros and his colleagues in their research into number theory, brought him into the international academic and media spotlight in 1998. A prolific essayist in mathematics, he also writes poetry, scripts, novels and essays on politics, philosophy, history, tragedy and drama. Lygeros has lived in France since he was 12.


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