Presentation: “Intelligence and the future of humanity”   

Sharelink Financial Services Ltd in cooperation with Leptos Calypso Hotels Ltd organised a presentation by Dr. Nicos Lygeros titled “Intelligence and the future of humanity”. Dr. Nicos Lygeros is considered to be the most intelligent Greek person in the world. He is 34 years old and has intelligence quotient 189, according to the Stanford Binet scale.

The event took place at the Coral Beach hotel in Paphos on the 12th of October 2002. The auditorium was full and the audience actively participated and showed extreme interest throughout the whole presentation. Dr. Lygeros managed to touch everyone with his unique approach, and amongst an emotional atmosphere, the audience gave him a standing ovation with great enthusiasm.

Preceding the above presentation, Dr. Nicos Lygeros met with a group of high-school and lyceum students and had a session with them titled: “Simple examples of open problems”. The students showed great enthusiasm and spent two creative hours with Dr. Lygeros, solving mathematical problems under his caring guidance and direction.

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