19th Panhellenic Conference/Summer School




Thessaloniki, July 1O – 22, 2006




T. Bountis

E. C. Aifantis

University of Patras

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki














Part I: 3 Lectures on Science/Technology  &  Politics/Ethics  Relation

10 am – 2.30 pm

Main Amphitheater: Polytechnic School

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



Part II: Voice, Music and Theater

6 pm – 10 pm

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art

Hellexpo, 154 Egnatia St., Thessaloniki













As in previous conferences in engineering sciences I helped organize or co-organize, attention is placed here again on bringing in an artistic and societal component for the benefit of the participants. Such need for a balanced development of mind and soul becomes even more important today where “globalization” is understood in terms of economy and availability of resources rather than in terms of spirituality and availability of equal opportunities. If Homer, Solon, Pericles, Plato, and Archimedes were awakened today the only one to be astonished would be Archimedes. It is thus necessary to develop science and technology jointly with arts and politics centered around the man and his environment rather than localized economic profit alone. Thessaloniki with Aristotle and Alexander and the Hellenistic period following them, has an outstanding tradition along this line of action.


The program of the special Cultural Event which follows would not have been possible without the generosity of Savina Yannatou and Loukas Skipitaris. They agreed to come to Thessaloniki with a few weeks notice asking for “nothing” and offering “everything”. The help of Xanthippi Hoipel and George Papanicolaou with technical matters of the organization and the encouragement and support of the Ministry of Culture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Prefecture, the Municipality and the Ministry of Macedonia –Thrace are gratefully acknowledged. The encouragement of the non-profit Organizations “Institute Aristotle” and “Institute M. Alexandros” (pending) is also acknowledged.


July, 2006

E.C. Aifantis




















Part I: Politics and Ethics

Main Amphitheater: Polytechnic School

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Time:   10 am – 2.30 pm


Modern Democracy, Technology and Referendum

A. Dimitropoulos (Athens)


Complexity in International Diplomacy

N. Lygeros (Lyon)


Life, Brain, Soul, Eternity

S. Baloyannis (Thessaloniki)


Part II: Voice, Music, Theater

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art

Hellexpo, 154 Egnatia St., Thessaloniki

Time:   6 pm – 10 pm


IIA: Lecture   (6 – 7 pm)


Sikelianos and the Delphic Idea: The Forerunner of UNESCO

Th. Stavrou (Minneapolis)


IIB: Concert   (7 – 8 pm)


Savina Yannatou – Solo Voice  (7 – 7.30 pm)


Alternative Rock/Electronica   (7.30 – 8 pm)


Break – Museum Visit   (8 – 8.30 pm)


IIC: Play   (8 – 10 pm)


The Apology of Socrates

(Translation of Plato by Electra Anderadi)

Loukas Skipitaris/Broadway Veteran Director

Yannis Simonides/Emmy Award Winning Actor

Theoni Aldredge/Academy (Oscar) Award Winning Costume Designer

Caryn Heilman/Master Percussionist