47400 - Upgraded History and metastrategy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

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Upgraded History operates in a polycyclic way through topostrategy and Chronostrategy with a basis on deep history and because it has strategy integrated, it gives us the capacity to supply it receptively with metastrategy because it sees in a double manner both the work production and its scope. The Upgraded History is a way to create an artificial distance within time, to reassess an event as a potential fact and to discuss its geometry which is transformed into a form of chronometry. So metastrategy which thinks how strategy operates can become more mental when it is applied on human infrastructures, structures and hyperstructures. After all it can manage in the same deductive manner the natural and the artificial ones. So this too is an evolutionary tool which can live in a polycyclic way. Humanity is a polycyclic hyperstructure that has its strategy and this may be studied in a metastrategic manner. So we have a realization because of thought over thought and in this notion we are closer to her core since Soulity will be established with the notion of the history of soul and this is indispensably upgraded.