75421 - Against Freedom

N. Lygeros

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In the Ante Cold War period freedom was associated to liberals. For the red mentation freedom was dangerous. The Party had no need of any freedom and it had the license to kill in order to fight against freedom movements. Communism was against freedom but in its system it was a victim of anti-communism. Now after decades it seems like a joke. But this black humor was in fact the core of the defense of all the totalitarian systems. Every one of those systems was always presented as a victim. Even if they made genocides it was only because they had to protect themselves from the attacks. But the attacks came from the freedom fighters. A good example for that was the position of United States. They normalized their relations in November 1933. It was a decision of the President Franklin Roosevelt. He sent William Bullitt as ambassador from 1933 to 1936. But the hopes of Soviet-American relations were wrong. The Soviet Union didn’t want to pay Transit debts. At the end of his mission the ambassador was hostile to Soviet Union and this for the rest of his life. Freedom is not anti-communist. Communism is anti-liberal, i.e. against freedom.