14121 - Our battles are not painless

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Our battles are not painless, they are not anonymous and they are not unknown. Because the battles of Hellenism are examples of resistance against the invaders and barbarism.
Hellenism is not about expansionism, and for this reason, it’s a gift of Time to Humanity. Otherwise it would not be such a positive element for it. The battles of Hellenism left their stigmata of time, in the history of Humanity.
They don’t constitute a local or a provincial entity.
Because, Hellenism is an extraversionism which contributes. In these battles, the powerful, the multitudinous, has always been our enemy.
Our battles are the strategic proof, that we are rare. Because we are able to resist, to sacrifice ourselves and ultimately to defeat those stronger than us, because, we have no principles, but only values. We take care of our own, because we are few. We take care of our earth, because we have no other riches.
Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis, are not merely, social, fashionable sites.
There are nodal superstrings of a chronostrategy, which has not ceased to support the justice of the Just, to protect the innocent, and to struggle against barbarism.
If we were to now add our Byzantine era battles, then we could realize the sense of timelessness due to our endurance. Because we are a nation of Time, that pays attention to history, and we are able to make historical decisions in order, to together change the phase, so as to remain free even when we are besieged.
If every Greek could perceive what the weight of Hellenism is, as a memory, and understood, how our revolution functioned, then he would overcome the obstacles and the misery that overwhelms everydayness.
Because societies passed by and died, while the Hellenism crossed through the centuries, in order to contribute to others, the example of the Humanity of Time.