86122 - Transcription: Life of Humanity

It is of great importance when we are abroad to be with people who know things, who teach us how people live locally and by entering their way of life we finally understand how to be humane, because ...

86101 - Transcription: La fin du réseau Hamas à Gaza

A présent nous avons des informations officielles par le porte-parole de l'armée d'Israël. Donc on sait que l'armée d'Israël contrôle désormais tous les points névralgiques de la bande de Gaza, ce qui veut dire qu' en fait l'organisation Hamas ne peut ...

85744 - Transcription: War in the Middle East and Hydrocarbons in Europe

The first thing we ought to understand with the ignition which has occurred in the Middle East, is that things, not only do not change regarding hydrocarbons, but they are actually enhanced. As a result we see companies like Transocean which had bought out Ocean Rig, to now have their rigs in maintenance, because they […]

85848 - Transcription: Israel: Classical use of doctrine in strategy

When you announce your strategy, it means that you are within the doctrine context. Doctrine is an exception in strategy, since it is the only element which is visible, strategy remains within the invisible. Consequently when you announce a huge generalized attack, the other expects to have it imposed upon him and to resist in […]

84814 - Transcription: S.O.S.

It’s quite impossible to imagine a life without music and it’s the same without souls. So, maybe it’s difficult to imagine what it’s really ...