15 - Correspondence

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Despina-Myrto Drougka

I wish to speak to you about a fundamental problem, that one concerning your role in the frame of humanity. Few people are conscious of being humans, they constitute however a great number comparing to those that are conscious about the fact that they are a part of humanity.

It is true that one talking about humanity might be considered to be an abstract idea, therefore, it is, in a sense, gratuitous. Indeed, this seems to be unusual, and even incongruous, falling in love with the humanity, as there are many individuals in the environment of a person that can appeal his/her interest.

This is meaningful though, when this person has grown alone, surrounded by pain, if he/she is an intellectual in addition. I believe it seems in order to view humanity more as a complete entity, than a co-existence of people, but, of course, in this new vision the problem of individuality makes its appearance.

So, how are we going to solve it? You might ask. My response is with SCIENCE*.

SCIENCE, on the one hand, permits people to share a common purpose, in terms of its structure, and on the other hand, by virtue of its predictive ability, it offers them the possibility to improve the future of humanity. Again, at this point, we have to agree on what we mean by referring to the notion of future!

We (those who are in strong interaction with the PECULIARITY) when we refer to the future, we view it in terms of some centuries, though, this does not prevent us from posing questions regarding the prompt future, and wishing to modify the existing structures and mentalities, of what, due to the misuse of the term, is called “science”; and in such a vigor, that we almost died.

It would be advisable that you (who are in a weak interaction with the PECULIARITY) begin to act on the scientific domain. There are two possibilities:

– either you are a state scientist and the degree of your freedom is low (unless you are highly positioned) but in this case you can also assist humanity by organizing conferences (for free!!!) that sensitize a wider audience about the problems we are bound to solve (and foremost you should not get involved in any communicative process of vulgarization). – either you are not a state scientist and in this case the PECULIARITY was born to help you, therefore it depends on you whether or not you will use all of its potential (…) in order to modify whatever comes across your path; you are allowed to do anything, and now, thanks to our journal, you have the right to express it.

*For the definition of this term see the article: “HOMO SCIENTIS”, that appears in n°2 of the journal SINGULARITY.