15268 - Hypatia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Hypatia is an exception. In what sense? In the sense that she is a father’s daughter. In actual fact the first exceedance occurs from her father, who could’ve assumed that; this is not for you, it is for the male element. In fact this exceedance would occur, and Hypatia, because she had the gift of intelligence, would reach a level that would allow her not only to study texts, but to also criticize texts, which is yet another level. We give a male example in order to make it more understandable. We all know Voltaire, we all know Rigas Fereos. But which of us know that Rigas Fereos read Voltaire, and corrected his errors in scientific texts? In actual fact he had this capability. The idea is that, when you reach the level of reading the researchers, not to have an opinion, but to have knowledge and with this knowledge to be able to criticize and to say that here, at this point, is not exactly so, while this is just as is. This is what was required initially. The first exceedance became one of the most widespread examples, is Hypatia. Unfortunately,we quite often degenerate it with the example of her death and we forget her works. There are some who talk about her life, but do not know anything about her works. Death does not describe your entire life, it is the accomplishments that characterizes life.