16270 - A human is born when he understands that it is not only the ‘ego’ but it’s also ‘the other’

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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It all begins with the person. The person is the one that talks a lot. Let’s name him the chatterbox of the soul. The soul has three things to say, but does not dare to say them likewise , he says so much that in the end you may say, what was it that he said. So the person is one that gives so much importance to his “ego”, that the entire world revolves around his problems. Later the human has a meaning. First its the “I” and then we say “we”. In fact the “we” is the plural of “I”. So is the “I”, “I”, “I” and we name it “we.”. A human is born when he understands that it is not only the ‘I’ but it’s also ‘the other’.So in this process, the human understands that is human, because a co human exists. Now look at how entangled things become. When a human understands that the other is of importance, he then wonders how the other sees him and then he realizes that the other sees him as the other other. So from the “I”, “we”, we go to the “others” and then we realize that we are the “other others”. But then the real question is: “I” or “other”? You may say how is that changing. The thing is very simple, that if the “I” understands that the most important is the “others” , then he is a co human. Now so that you understand a little easier, if it’ not that well known to you, why “the others” are more important than the “ego”? The reason is very simple, think about it at Humanity level .When the “ego” disappears Humanity will live. If the “others” disappear Humanity will die.