18537 - In the guts of Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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In the guts of Greece there is not only earth and stone, but energy as well.
And it’s this energy which will aid the Greece of the future.
We should bare this in mind, because it is fundamental for our strategy, and if we don’t get in to this spirit, we could not understand the developments at an international level.
It’s incomprehensible for us not refer to our EEZ and still pretend that we are dealling with our nation.
Because even the pretense has its limits when it comes into conflict with reality.
The EEZ is not just a gimmick, to which we reffer to, and then we forget about it, when it doesn’t suit us politically, because the evidence of the outcomes could benefit another political party.
The persistent Greek doesn’t care about political parties, but only about results which will help Greece. And whichever party has done it, refers to it without any complexism.
That’s what should be the case with the EEZ, because it belongs to High Strategy and we do not mind at all to thank a certain political party, whichever it is, as long as it did it.
There are other political parties who can not even talk about hydrocarbons, in order not to be exposed by their ignorance.
So they state that, that does not interest the Greek nation, which is a lie of course, in order not to show the nothingness of their action in the field.
In any case we are not interested in their opinion, positive or negative, since they are not about to take any initiative.
Therefore the Greek EEZ is a separation criterion for evaluating the political parties. And through this, national options derive, which have nothing to do with micropolitics, as they have their foundations in the guts of Greece.