18556 - Risky irrelevance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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Anyone who believes that we should stop the utilization of the twenty marine plots of the Greek EEZ, in order to give priority to the pipeline that will pass through Turkey, on the pretext that it will increase the geopolitical role of Greece, is in a context of dangerous irrelevance.
Because, quite simply, being just a passage is not isomorphic with the ability to be the source.
A passage can be moved for geopolitical reasons, as proven historically with the example of Ukraine in regards to Russia.
While being the source, allows you to have a stability, a resistance that generates energean security.
The Greek EEZ is not just a passing through passage, but a source of energy.
The EEZ is not merely a legal context of the Law of the Sea, but a high strategy field of action.
Therefore, statements which are expressed simply due to partisanship, for the sake of a confrontation, are extremely dangerous.
Turkey violates 18 points of the Lausanne Treaty, does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, violating the Cypriot EEZ through seismic surveys, and all that aside, some believe that it is offered as a solution to boost the Greek geopolitics.
We do say that, in a democratic context anyone can express themselves, but that does not mean that we have to also endure the nonsense which have dangerous consequences.
Hellenism is not to be played on a poker game and we can not sacrifice it for electoral purposes because of partisanship.
Nor do we plan to not defend ourselves and not fight back. Because, statements that are not based on a specific strategy even if it’s not high strategy and are not based on technical knowledge, are not only politically unacceptable, but are also dangerous on a national level.