18557 - Unacceptable partisanship movements

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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When you cause phobias, just in order to manage to convince your own to make an unacceptable choice, then you must be quite a miserable soul.
When with your statements you create a context of uncertainty, in order to make it look like, you will change things radically, then you gamble on the ignorance of people.
The issue though now is, that in Greece and Cyprus, the people know about the value of the EEZ. Because, the marine plots are a bare fact, and not just a theory.
The Cypriot EEZ has given new wings to Cyprus and the Greek EEZ gives prospects to Greece, which it could not imagine possible prior.
Therefore, when you want to peddle yourself, saying that you do not want to have the interconnection with Crete and in actual fact, for the EuroAsia Interconnector not to take place, to stop the licensing rounds, to promote the passing of the pipeline through Turkey, you do not only degrade the geopolitics of Greece, but rather you undermine them, because this data and achievements are recognized by the 28 member-states of the European Union, in regards to common interest projects.
In this manner, you transform Greece into an unreliable state on an international level and you are also disregarding its alliance with Cyprus.
In this manner, you are also questioning the results of the tripartite of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt, but also the other, of, Greece-Cyprus-Israel.
And you result to all these, solely for your election campaign, without calculating their impact on Hellenism.
Only you well know, that we don’t kneel and we kick the arse of those who are insulting our nation.