21340 - Magdalene’s monologue

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– I don’t know how to speak … Silence.
But why? Time. . And now? Time. . I had no one else to help me.
I don’t blame you. How could I anyway.
I wanted to say something else.
Who will help the others, the people … Silence. .
Who? Time. . Since you … with your strengths … couldn’t. . time ..
I haven’t the words … I feel like a cut flower. I don’t know if it’s a carnation, but who would irrigate me with his work. Silence. .
Why did you allow them?
Why is there so much injustice against the truth?
Why such a crime against love?
And Humanity? Silence. .
Is that the end? But you … time. . You know …
You have no right to leave us,. . . to leave me. Silence
You must return even now.
I am sorry if I am asking for something hyperhuman, but you’ve also spoken of the miracle.