2600 - The order of society

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

The order of society doesn’t want human elements. It finds them revolutionary. As a trend, society gets involved with time only to see how much it can tolerate it. It has also overturned even biology in order to avoid the disturbances which little humans cause, namely the children and the grownups, namely the elderly. Society is the basis of experts. This is the reason that children stay even more with the experts and the elderly go even faster to the experts. Due to the efficiency of the working area, parents work for their children without seeing them and deal with the elderly so that they don’t see them. In a happy society, convenience must dominate. Nothing should disturb the social being, and especially humanness. Therefore this doesn’t exist in the order of society. Even as an intellectual subject, humanness doesn’t interest society other than to combat it. The order of society operates with the basis of absolute behaviorism. Nothing escapes it, so that no creativity of intelligence shall exist. Its entire existence has one and only objective: its preservation. For society, the children and the elders should have no personality. They must be solely children and old people. Therefore society seeks only for institutional solutions so that no human element is highlighted. It examines the children and the elders only in a medical manner. Everything is a matter of diagnosis. Potentially, children and elders are ill. They are ill social beings. They don’t believe the first in that which they know and the second no longer believe to what they know about society. Society for order purposes doesn’t examine the problems, it wants only solutions. Solution is everything. The problem, it is nothing. Therefore it is normal to have bioethical issues. It cannot be preoccupied with children of special needs, neither with gifted children just like it cannot bother with old people who have problems. All these cases have no problems for society, they are problems. But society which lives only within convenience cannot be preoccupied with them. Therefore it considers that they don’t exist. This way it ensures happiness of the regular being. Gradually the social being transforms into a regular being and afterwards into a dogmatic being. Children and elders are mistakes of society. They are attacks of the past and of the future against the present. And as society is the domination of the present, it treats these beings in a hostile manner. Their own existence is an ambiguity of the system.Society cannot tolerate the masters and the disciples for this reason. It is afraid of Socrates syndrome. It wants only professors and students because they have no value without the institutional instruments of society. But, humans exist!