26803 - Translation of the letter of N.Kazantzakis to A. Einstein

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

12-7-52 A. Einstein, 112 Mercer Street, N. Jersey, USA

Dear Master,
It is with deep emotion that I’ve received your letter; as you’ve always appeared to me as the highest and brightest consciousness of our Time, and with A. Schweitzer you constituted for me the human model.
Your existence upon this earth, the so bloody and dirty by the people, has always been for me a great consolation, and it’s on account of you that I could often overcome my disgust and my despair.The book I’ve sent you, titled “Greek Passion” was written under your influence.

Dear Master, I urge you to read it. Its original; title is: “Christ is still been crucified” incorrectly translated into German as ‘Greek Passion’; it’s not regarding the sufferings of present-day Greece.
I’ve tried to enliven the man’s attempt to find a Notausgang (emergency exit in German, as per the letter) to the
despair and the injustice which encircle us and suffocate us.
In the hope that you will want to read this work, which should’ve been dedicated to you, dear Master, I urge you to be assured of my deepest admiration and gratitude.

[N. Kazantzakis]