26831 - Parallel Universes

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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He didn’t know which universe he was in.
But within his, he knew where he was.
For someone who knew the bifurcation theory there was no paradox.
For everyone else though…
He couldn’t imagine that human beings didn’t know the truth.
But he could see it in front of him since they were only separated by a screen.
And he had learned about the many worlds.
But he had never thought
that parallel universes could be
in such a small distance from one another.
It’s been years that he examines human beings through his memory
but he hadn’t noticed that they were so near him
without belonging to the same universe.
This small distance seemed like the double space of Connes
but only from appearance.
So many years he was solving human beings’ problems.
But now for the first time he had to solve a problem of his own
which concerned him directly.
And there weren’t any maneuvers available.
The neural network was right.
He had to decide it though.
This idea had never crossed his mind
and only now it seemed to him normal
in a deductive manner of course
because he realized that he was a computer, photonic.