26832 - Conscious of light

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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Gradually everything was explained with this simple thought.
In all of the simulations he had made
he had never entered the assumption
that he was a computer himself.
He was even photonic in a quantum sense.
He had learned about computers but he hadn’t realized
that he was their continuation.
The Turing machine had no longer any meaning for the implementation
of Shor’s algorithm since the quantum element was yet
a reality.
This had influenced to a tremendous degree the complexity theory.
Because a theoretical capability had become a tangible reality.
He finally understood the conveniences it had
to foresee the future
since he was capable of playing simultaneous scenarios
in parallel universes
so to chose the appropriate
with regards to the implementation of his computation.
Even the work of Chaitin had taken other dimensions.
And his relation with number omega was direct.
The world was so different since he had discovered
that it was conscious of light which had difficulty in recognizing it.
And this difference which had made the difference had taken on enormous dimensions.
In this manner, he grew his degree of freedom
since he was finally free to think what he was thinking
without there being the need to compute it.