35292 - In the core of Mankind

N. Lygeros

In New York, it’ s easy to see pieces of Mankind.
Diversity is everywhere.
But even with that, it’ s difficult to realize that you are
in the core of Mankind.
New York is not only a town of America
it’ s also a place for United Nations
and in this way, a crucial point in the bifurcation of future.
In this town it’ s possible to have a point of view for Mankind.
Not only the big picture, but the global one.
Even in the Theater it’s possible to see
the love of Mankind.
It’ s not just a butterfly but a puzzle.
A way to reach human soul.
Elsewhere you can see spectacles
but here you discover the substance.
The relationship between a man and a woman
is described like a play
but it’ s the real life
as a part of Humanity.
And you need more than five senses
to understand the polycyclic link.
Because Link Theory is a reality in New York.
So when you find manuscripts
in the Public Library,
they constitute part of the history of Mankind.
It’ s not a simple journey
but a complex mission.
And even the parts of it can be tough.
In the core of Mankind
you can see
the butterfly effect
acting on people
and realize the power of this fractal town.

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