35294 - The Justice after the crime

N. Lygeros

To Shula for the love of Mankind

She was always in his mind.
Like a synaptic connection in his brain.
Her presence in New York was a gift and not only a testimony.
This time they met at Battery Place.
A new mission in the past.
An operation related to the genocide but also beyond it.
It was the proof that victims can survive,
that innocence can have a role to play.
So the garden of stones was only a preparation.
The need of a new mentation.
The rights of innocence had become the mission of Righteous.
She showed him the details of the preparation,
the constitution of the abduction team.
It was an example of a duty but not only for innocent people or
the rebirth of a country, it was for the memory of Mankind.
She was always next to him to explain everything
to answer any of his questions.
Behind the exhibition, he saw the goal of recognition.
It was the next step after the reality of the genocide.
Not a lamentation for the victims
but the direction for innocent people,
the way to become Righteous.
The point was simple: how to make one sentence true.
And this sentence was never again.
She was the living memory of the next people.
He understood that she created a new link with this exhibition.
The new target was to keep memory alive after oblivion.
He had studied before the case of operation finale
but she gave him pieces of this forgotten reality.
That’s why it was impossible to refuse the new mission.
The construction of a temporal bridge between past and future
became a need of Mankind.
Operation finale was a new starting point, not only a lesson of the past
but a way to remember our duty for the future.
He accepted the gift as a present of the past for the future.

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