35295 - The paths of Freedom

N. Lygeros

In Manhattan, the paths are the same but not the points.
Each Street, each Avenue has its own history.
So when you choose to use it, you choose a future from a past.
At first glance, it’s not so obvious but you realize it soon.
You can go to the Theater and discover in the same Street a chessboard on a wall.
In fact, serendipity is everywhere.
And after the choice, you have to decide.
Remain indifferent or be an actor of Time.
In this island, it’s easy to see the power of rivers.
But inside you can see the depth.
If you really want to be a part of this, find pieces, pawns or stones
and play your role between the towers.
Outside of the Public Library you can explore a new world.
Not exactly America but certainly Mankind.
In New York they say today if you can do it here
you can do it anywhere
and at the level of United Nations it really happens.
You are able to participate in many operations
but only few of them
can change the world.
So don’ t waste your time.
Every minute of your life at this place, is important
if you manage to use it efficiently.
Because innocent people need only efficient help.
He had in his mind all these thoughts
and history was here,
just next to him
like a gift of the Time.
This was the reason why the bifurcation started.
Everything was made to create
a new story
with only one aim.
Help people for the love of Mankind.

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