35297 - In the hexagonal Testimony

N. Lygeros

There were no curves in the Rotonda only angles.
There, triangles were everywhere
inside an hexagonal structure.
They went there to meet two testimonies.
A woman and a man, two innocent people, two survivors of
the Genocide were there.
Both ready to answer to any question.
It was impressive to see them like this.
So real, so nice…
Just for the others.
So generous…
Two pieces of Mankind…
Out of any society of oblivion.
They gave to everybody without exception
what they were and not what they had.
More than a gift to people, a testimony of Mankind.
She helped him to make the first contact
by asking them and especially her, very human questions.
They listened together to their kind answers.
Their memories were next to them like familiar ideas.
They could feel them like tears on the skin.
But tears of Joy.
Those survivors belong already to the future of genocide.
And they were able to prepare next generations.
to not forget the life.
To resist to barbarity with their own lives.
After her help he was ready to make the first contact.
New mental shock.
New bifurcation.
With the same question to both of them.
What was the most important thing they wanted to remember.
The woman answered the resistance to barbarity.
The man answered the tolerance of differences.
It was the lesson of survivors.
It gave a new dimension to their testimony.

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