35298 - Back to Freedom

N. Lygeros

The resistance of the past was the freedom of future.
The threat of barbarity was oblivion.
A massive conflict had lead to a genocide.
But this wasn’t the end for Mankind neither for barbarity.
The problem was still here.
It wasn’t sufficient to say: never again.
It was necessary to have a strategy to fight against barbarity.
Memory and Love had to be protected
and this was the duty of Intelligence.
It’s birth was a necessity for Mankind.
Intelligence came from the future to help the past.
At the end of the war, everything had to be robust.
Some people thought that the most important thing
was to remember.
But to not forget was much more important.
The problem was that Mankind deserved more.
So the point was different.
Mankind had to be protected not just to be helped.
That’s why they need to not forget the future.
Each symbol of the past had to be a vision for the future.
In New York, the statue of Liberty
was clearly this kind of symbol.
Near the river, outside of the Museum
they saw again the statue of Liberty.
Back to Freedom.
Lateral thinking.
The protection had to be active and not passive.
It should be done before the crime and not after.
Everything after the crime was a matter of memory
but anything else was the duty of Intelligence
on the right hand the light, on the left the book.
And together they had to imagine the next reality
before it was too late.
Before the end, the vision.

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