35299 - The example has to be given

N. Lygeros

Nobody can imagine that it’s possible to fight against barbarity.
But everybody can see an example of resistance.
Survivors explained to people that you can stay alive.
They are real examples of passive resistance.
They are also the proof that barbarity can’t destroy everything.
After the end, many people thought that they were no other choices.
But there was a counter-example to this theory.
The resistance can be active.
The Rights of Humanity predicted this possibility.
Weakness wasn’t a condemnation,
but only a justification for barbarity.
Because if you know that you are weak
you can change
and find a strategy to win
even barbarity.
So the example has to be given to awake them.
And if they need miracles
they will be accomplished
to prove to them
that their faith is not only a religion
or a dogma
but the love of Mankind.
People can do many things
if they trust each other
after the example.
And even if this one is an exception
it will become an exceptional example.
Strategy was made to protect in advance.
And if Mankind uses it
it can defeat barbarity each time
it is necessary.
To get: never again
you have to be always again

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