35300 - The taste of Truth

N. Lygeros

They got to move, keeping in mind the taste of Truth.
No more tears.
Just the rain.
The city was different below the clouds.
The water was everywhere.
A fluid intelligence followed Sky’s rivers.
New purification from a baptism.
They were able to feel the rain in their lips.
After the meeting with Time the target became relevant.
It was the rebirth of the soul.
Another cycle was done.
And their new lives were upgraded.
Awakeness .
Restructuring of their deep neural networks.
They saw that now, they were able to write the future.
After the bifurcation, they felt like men of Renaissance.
They had in mind, a new past.
Memory had transcended oblivion with the protection of intelligence.
They returned to their starting point
but after the achievement of their transformation.
They took with them the survivors of the past.
This was indispensable for the victory against barbarity.
So the same point was different
due to the polycyclic Time.
As parts of Mankind, they were only human beings
but as pieces of it, they became those rare warriors of Time.
They mastered new codes
and the garden of stones acquired a new function.
Teleology of perfection.
They had to be here.
So they prepared themselves to come back
to continue the history of future.
That was their task for Mankind.

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