35301 - The leaves of love

N. Lygeros

In their notebook they had
the leaves of love.
Outside the world of the Central Park
they were able to become memory.
Like the survivors of the past
the leaves were placed between their pages
protected by the leather of their books.
Artificial and natural leaves were together
in the same place.
Like artificial and natural intelligences together.
New York was itself a hyperstructure now.
It was like a book.
Inside America, United Nations were there.
Self reference.
The past was like the whole.
And fractal analysis started to draw
new mental schemata
with the shapes of the leaves.
They were the proof of the existence of the tree
like human beings for Mankind
and they knew that those parts had to be collected.
Strategic mix.
All together.
Because they started their trajectories
in a different way
but always with same goal: to reach the ground and to give to it
what they were.
They came from the New World to go to the ancient continent.
It was like a tree from the future to the past.
Each of those leaves
was implemented in a tree
and they were transformed to create the continuity.
No matter the duration.
It was the new manuscript of the Master.

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