35308 - The Vanished Horror Man

N. Lygeros

The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann is meaningless if you don’t know the past of the Vanished Horror Man. Without some knowledge about his acts and his responsibility in the Genocide of Jewish People, is simply impossible to understand the obsession to capture him. Even for one of the high rank responsible and one of the most efficient tool, of Nazis Horror, his life after World War II seems to be innocent. That’s why we have to know his vote especially at Wannsee in January 1942. Because Adolf Eichmann wasn’t a simple killer or a serial killer but a massive killer who organized the death of innocent people in the framework of the decisions next to Berlin at this time. There 15 Nazi leaders got together to decide the fate of millions Jews. Because the rational, if we can use this term for this kind of craziness, and the efficient implementation of the final solution to the Jewish question was not only a detail but a benchmark of World War II. With this organization the war became just a tool for genocide and Adolf Eichmann was one of the decision makers who changed the destiny of millions innocent people just for his own profit of the situation. Before this implementation, the Jewish Question was a pretext, a justification of the economical crises. After it was the core of the target of the war. And the main proof is that even with the certainty to lose the war, the Nazi system still wanted to exterminate the Jews, to erase them of the surface of the Earth as if they were a garbage for Mankind. So the contribution of Adolf Eichmann was a key role in this new strategy of horror. The plan of extermination of Europe’s Jews was one of the greatest crimes in the History of Mankind. But you have to know it, you have to learn about it, if you want to be Righteous. If the dark time of a man is unknown to you, how can you judge him, how can you condemn him in the name of Mankind. If we forget the role and the function of Adolf Eichmann, even the trial seems to be artificial. The Capture and the Trial were the consequences of his horrible acts, of his commitment to the Nazi vision. People have to know about it, to see his horror. Because we see only what we get, we have to learn how we have to see. Watching is not seeing. Only knowledge permits us to be an actor in the conscience of Mankind.

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