359 - Social humans and human society

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Some days of history are characterized as historical, because they state with their seal the existence of borders between before and after. They may not seem important on the actual day, but through time they gain a symbolic significance. They go beyond the works of everydayness, which drags insignificant and anonymous days , in order to create an image, a memory of the future.
There are of course various frameworks that allow the existence of such days. Here we will deal with the collective context and the importance of the historic day.
Although in nature the collective thought is granted, it remains rare in the human factor.
The first reason is that, as easy as it is for the human to understand that he exists and to know that he exists, that’s how difficult is the analogous for society.
The second reason is that the total does not form a group.
The third reason is the difficulty of creation of new relationships between people of the society.
Society does in fact exist, but it has not realized that it exists as a hyperbeing compared to the individual.
The difficulty of the process comes from the lack of target, common target . Because by definition this common goal should have been opted by society as a factual. hyperbeing.
And indeed the achievement of the selection of the target is difficult ,because it belongs to a metaframe.
Although internally there is a problem in creating a common goal , externally, it is quite possible.
An external pressure can easily cause a common goal in the thematology of resistance, for intanse, earthquake, disaster, war. In this context, the society is forced to withstand. And we can interpret that response as a reflex reaction.
But when the goal is positive and abstract and it requires a creative tension to be achieved, then, the society remains inactive.
The whole world wants to live free.
But who is willing to sacrifice something in order to achieve this goal?
But who will accept to be sacrificed for his society?
Everyone lives from society, but who lives for society?
What does individual initiative mean, if there is no social contribution?
As we see, it is difficult for each person to offer, regardless of the fact that it does not exist, but only through the vision of the society.
Because, if nobody looks at you, no one sees you and you do not exist as a social being, a thing which consists of the peculiarity of the human.
We consider the elements of the whole important, without being aware that these elements would not have the same value they now have , if the whole did not exist.
What is the role of the human if society does not exist?
Some from our nation ate stones, so that they can offer us freedom.
Some from our nation tied their lives with it’s thread.
Some from our nation have lost their people in an unfair fight.
All of them, we must not forget.
And if they are nothing but memories for us, we are their future.
They were sacrificed for us.
They gave their lives so that we may live.
Whereas, we only have to protect our lives so that our children may live.
And now we have to think like an hyperbeing, of all these critical days, not only for the present but for the future of our children.
And that future lies beyond the horizon of our lives.
We must comprehend that a nation is not only this timeless element, it thinks and suffers collectively, therefore it exists as a free being.