36872 - The question of Skopje

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

The question of Skopje cannot be resolved with compromises. And the example of France which didn’t capitulate for a moment in 1973 for the name of the United Kingdom, who initially wanted to be integrated with the name of Great Britain, is an example to follow for those who have strategic thinking. Diplomacy has its limitations when there exists no dominant strategy. Because if you kneel on your own, they will surely bring you to your knees while if you stand worthy of the circumstances, then they will respect you. Greece in the framework of the question of Skopje doesn’t only fight for its justice; as even the most positive supporters think. It fights for the right of history. Because it cannot accept whichever country has access to erasing history even if for decades it was under a regime of barbarity which thought not only that history can die or that it had already died, but that it was capable of killing history if it were necessary. The issue of Skopje is a characteristic example of no respect of the past, no respect of history. It isn’t only an attack against Hellenism as most think. It is an attempt for assassination of history. It is an attempt for chronocide. It is an attempt against the fundamental right of Humanity. For those who see the problem only locally they haven’t understood its essence. The issue of Skopje isn’t a negotiation but a struggle of justice. Time is with us and we will utilize him because we are with him since Hellenism exists.