36876 - Pardon us being defensive

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Pardon us being defensive we’ll say to all those who will try to encroach upon the Greek nation with lies and compromises, because we are not backing off not even an inch. For eons now, we are pro freedom, and we’ve never been afraid of death. Consequently we’ve never accepted servility, the spirit of slavery. And those who think as slaves have never influenced us. The name Macedonia is not up for any negotiation, as much as those who claim that they’re under pressure can bang their heads against the wall, even though they themselves take initiatives without taking our history into account. However now, the only sure thing is that they’ll feel our own pressure and they’ll understand what it means for fighters to be activated, when there is a danger for the homeland, the history, Hellenism and Humanity. Politicians mater only when they share the same values as the nation they represent. If they serve only political party interests, they will not have a good time, because their ideas will be fruitless. They may assume that they will overcome the difficulties caused by a nation’s memory, but they are wrong, and they will have to quickly change their minds if they want to survive politically, because we are here as well, and we’ll be here even afterwards.