36961 - Rally and Referendum

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Those who are pro state and not pro Democracy fear the Rally because they aren’t sure that the nation would want the same as those proposed by them, and because they can not manipulate the citizens point view. However we are in a country which believes in values, in a country impregnated by the spirit of Hellenism, and we don’t hesitate to express ourselves as a whole, collectively, regarding the same issue, because we believe in the others. Consequently we fight for Macedonia all together, whatever the postmodernists say about the Greek nation. Therefore we are present as a need is expressed, because the people haven’t forgotten the history of Hellenism. Consequently we’ll go to a Referendum if necessary, but first of all we will battle and we will not accept anything that doesn’t accept the history of Hellenism. We will not therefore say that the Referendum is yet again a popular means of expression, and we will utilise it as we did back in 2004 regarding the Cypriot issue. Therefore the serviles wouldn’t find an opening as far as we are concerned, in order for them to justify the unacceptable of their choice. We are not here to either result in confrontion, or some type of comparison. We are here in order to save the sacret and holy of Hellenism, because if we don’t do it, then no one else will. We are yet again on a mission to bring to accomplishment, so that works will occur which will protect the innocent and those who are to follow, and who by the way are expecting everything from us. We obtain strategy and determination, and so with our combativeness we will prove the value of Hellenism.