36964 - The Rally as a pressure lever

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Sianne Athanasia Tsandidis

Those who thought that the Greek people had forgotten their history and would not resist irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations, were surprised by the Rally. They had the impression, initially, that their propaganda would be sufficient to avoid its existence. Yet now it grows stronger with every passing day because Greeks unite in critical moments, in historic hours, where, by virtue of their respect for memory and history, they activate a strategy of counter-attack that surpasses conservative fantasies. The hypocrisy of those relying on such assumptions however is not as great as the calibre of their cowardice, and they are now beginning to wonder how great this historic rally will be. Hence, the Rally is already functioning as pressure lever even amongst those circles which snub the Greek people, because they hold ideologically that it is a manipulable mass. Even they see that, due to the vastness of its magnitude, the Rally will become a point of reference and anyone who does not respect it will bear political costs given that governments have fallen for far less serious issues. This is why we are now seeing certain politicians beginning to assert that people have the right to free expression and that we live in a democracy which allows for it. There are potentially a few chairs already rattling with those sitting in them struggling to find their balance, but it matters not, because soon they too will have to stand with the Greek people should they wish to remain in politics.