38728 - Macedonia as a human battle

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

In regards to the Skopian issue, many wondered what they could’ve done at a personal level, since they didn’t belong to any official institutions, and while the issue constitutes a national matter.
In regards to the Annan Plan, the Cypriots knew that at the end they would express themselves through the Referendum, and that’s what they resulted to, in order for oblivion not to prevail.
Now that the Greeks who have not as yet access to a similar tool, are considering what they ought to do.
They can see that it’s important for Greece to take a stance, but this is been delayed due to institutional obstacles.
It is therefore a matter of conscience.
Because whatever the continuation may be, everyone should be able to observe what they did, and whether they participated, or in actual fact battled for the history of Hellenism.
Meaning that, they ought to justify their actions, or apologize for their inaction.
Consequently, the Macedonian Rallies are yet another opportunity for those who aren’t yet involved in this form of resistance.
There is no excuse whatsoever, for inertia, or neutrality, because we are alone, and no one will place themselves in our position in order to fight against oblivion.
Therefore, each one of us has to decide what would their personal future be, their personal history upon this issue.
As a result, everyone can now see that Macedonia also constitutes a human battle, where their own decision to take action and protect their beliefs is involved.
Every Greek is responsible for the future of Hellenism.