38850 - The Truth against political partisanship

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

When some are trying to convince us that with these unacceptable negotiations Greece is getting its history back, it’s ridiculous to say the least.
Their political partisanship is so great that it actually blinds them.
The government is trying to tell us that it has solved a problem that others prior haven’t solved, but this solution is not merely a compromise but an abandonment.
Greece isn’t at any risk which demands her to surrender.
Consequently, there is no agreement which justifies the usage of the term Macedonia.
Even the erga omnes isn’t guaranteed.
When somebody confuses the progressive forces with the nihilism of the Nation, it is then expected for them to speak in such a manner, but there is no need for us to follow it; quite the contrary, we ought to resist and do so effectively at that.
Skopje don’t wish to revise their Constitution, and their President’s statements are straight forward.
There is no reach of an agreement with the Prime Minister as well.
Therefore, we aren’t interested for the government to come across more effective than the previous ones, and especially when that’s all superficial.
In any case, up until now the name Macedonia hasn’t been given away by anybody.
As a result, we are not going to allow anyone to wound Greece, Hellenism and History due to an ill political partisanship.