41405 - Monologue for Macedonia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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-I did not know that there existed such hate against you…Or rather I didn’t give it the proper attention. Of course, maybe I grew up differently but now I see that the same ideology that devoured my youth is trying to be imposed on Greece and is out to get you Macedonia. Time. But we are not going to let it go by. Because we who have lived to our skin the red barbarity, will show to the others, the innocents, what she is capable of destroying in order to dominate with no limits over humans. Wherever it is, it breaks every root because it hates the past where history lives and fears the future where strategy lives. Silence. We will not cry for you Macedonia, as we cried for the victims of oblivion which the dictatorships erased, because we will not let go for one minute the struggle against barbarity. We have come from all places so that we protect you and we will not fight just for the Pre-agreement not to pass but we will continue even after, when they will have disappeared from the battlefield because of cowardice, because even then we will need the strength to battle the chronociders who are not afraid to commit even the crime of genocide, to annihilate the mnemosyne of a people. We are here Macedonia. This is what he said. And this will be done.