43305 - The depth of the node

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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In order to examine the depth of the node, we firstly need the course of the universe within that particular spacetime, so that we can thereafter see the fact. The occurrence is an element of entry. The fact is an element of history. If the instant functions as a point it constitutes the slightest.
On a function, the point merely obtains the memory of the position, whereas for the direction it requires the memory of the neighborhood in order for the derivative to exist.
In other words, the point is not sufficient for the awareness of the direction, and even less of the curvature.
It constitutes a peculiarity without a neighborhood.
In order for more memory to exist, we require more coefficients or even the generator function which will contain all the required elements.
If however it’s regarding a node, then there is no degeneration in its center, and the data of the past is preserved in the future.
In this manner, the memory isn’t degenerated and the meaning of the fact which belongs to history is comprehensible.
Therefore, the node has in fact a depth unacquired by both the point nor the instant.
With this interpretation, the node becomes fundamental for history due to ontology, and it constitutes a target for strategy due to teleology.
Consequently, the depth of the node is foundational for history which isn’t simply a data recording.