9448 - Parallel time

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

– Master, you haven’t talked about parallel time.
– First, you have to comprehend negative time to invent the parallel one.
– Negative one?
– Negative time is running when your Master asks you to do something that you have already done.
– And then, why does he ask you this?
– Because it’s necessary.
– Thus, he has to confirm it.
– This is the due thing.
– I’ve got it, so far.
– Now, you have to see the repercussions, as well.
– Yes, tell me. Isn’t this good for the disciple?
– Of course it is, since he gave time to the Master.
– And he himself gained time.
– Or rather, he ran in parallel.
– In the sense that he assisted assistance.
– Yes, it is the indirect move.
– Since he lacks the ability to do the direct one.
– However, the repercussion, if we look at them as a couple, at the cognitive level is that they ran in parallel.
– Namely, it’s together that they act in parallel time.
– Action in parallel time creates negative entropy.
– But, I thought that this was impossible.
– In thermodynamics.
– And in reality?
– Mind’s sphere is more powerful than reality.
– But why?
– Because it creates the next one.