Ignoring the mass

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Each population contains a mass default. This fact is neither good nor bad in itself, but it exists determines the movements of each strategy on the national issue. Because of the nature national issue touches indirectly the whole population. Each fighter may feel isolated in the normal mass and indifference, but should not trouble him. The mass indifference by not trying to kill each agonist, did not even know it exists. Even the game itself, if there is fighting context, it is not understood by the masses, because he lives under the shadow of cowardice. Even at night, the mass can not see the stars but only darkness. So the reality is that both parties so even though there are fighters, they belong to the utopia. The mass survives in society cowardice. The fighters are always few, but that does not matter as the writes Alexopoulos, numbers have no place in moral struggles. So the indifference of the mass is a fact of reality that does not participate in the diversification of the future through the present. So apart from the purely political context, there is no objective reason or affects the body, nor to use it as an excuse inaction. Because what happens, the mass will follow the developments without belonging to the causes of existence. In addition, as the volume of the mass allows the application of the theorem of Ramsey, there is no reason to try to satisfy as there will always be a subset of which will negatively interpret our decision. And as the mass belongs to the world of Oblivion, each timeless piece even if not justified, at worst forgotten. That is beyond direct there is a substantial risk. Therefore, when a government agency must get a national decision, should not even be dealing with the views of the mass. As the mass of forgetting the past, basically has no future and lives artificially in a continuous present that is constantly changing, so the views have hardly over time and therefore value. At best social cowardice mass can create a system of principles which, however, can subvert each revolution of thought. It should not agonists, the rare people who not only belong to all people, to shape the thinking directly under the doctrine th mass. Rather should have in mind the theorem of Riemann say that a multiplicity is characterized by the peculiarities of. In other words, the mass is not a proportional element to the game, nor indifference is a teleological element with respect to objectives that shape the future of a people.

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