Two genocides, one tactic

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

The issue of the recognition of the Cypriot Republic is no longer formal. It is clearly indicative of the tactics of the same barbarity constantly trespassing human rights. Many have forgotten the genocide of the Armenians and the genocide of the Pontiacs, but now they have to admit that the tactics of Turkey remains the same even as regards technical and official issues which are self-evident for all states and especially for the European Union member states. Many on the grounds of ignorance or diplomacy isolate facts so that these will not become accusation evidence. While in reality, the deep state aims always at the same target: showing off the Turkish element through exterminating all the peoples hindering this aim. It may seem paradoxical, but we have to highlight this. This aim is directly linked with the culture, or to use more accurate terminology, with the lack of culture. If we comprehend this primary condition, then we can realize the Turkish tactics. Since the deep state cannot display the Turkish element through culture, especially when compared with those created by the Armenians, the Greeks, the Kurds etc, it decided to eradicate the peoples of these cultures to at last overcome the complex of inferiority. The name of invasion of Cyprus is not by chance. While officially the Turkish army wanted to protect its brethren, the invasion code word bore the symbolic name of Attila, which is related with the fame that not even grass would not grow again after his passing. The same idea explains why the houses in the Maronitic village of Assomatos (Bodiless) in the occupied territory were deprived even of their groundwork so that a huge statue of Kemal's could be set. Timelessly each regime of Turkey's tries to differentiate itself officially from the previous ones regarding the barbarities committed; essentially, though, it continues aiming at the same objective in its own way. The Turkish tactics is intransigent, because it has not undergone the cost for committing barbarities not only against the suppressed peoples, but against the entire Humanity. And now again she is trying to persuade the whole European Union that she has nothing to do with the Turkey of the previous times, whereas the issue of the Cypriot Republic recognition nullifies her own arguments. And the same holds for the recognition of the genocide of the Armenians and the Pontiacs. Even if we examine only the officially recognized facts, Turkey has committed two genocides using the same tactics without any cost, as proven by the situation in Imvros, Tenedos and Cyprus. Now the question for the international community is whether it has to wait for the genocide of the Kurds as well, in order to realize that Turkey does not constitute a state of law but a barbarity pretending to be a state.

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