From Leonardo da Vinci to the invention of science

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The work of Leonardo da Vinci as an entirety, constitutes a reflection on the current separation of science and art. But its actual substance is not here. The issue is intelligence. The perception of the people through his genius is holistic and unified. With engineering, Leonardo da Vinci devises and understands the world as a single context. His conceptualisation of the phenomena creates a continuous field where, architecture, direction, armament, automatics, anatomy and the flight of birds is the same entity. Leonardo, although he dealt with different fields of knowledge, he did not examine them differently.
In fact the penetrating gaze, always different in comparison to that of others, it was always the same in regards to intelligence. He addressed them all, in the same way. The high precision of his observations proves it in various fields.
His cerebral mentality, somehow had the stigma of the gaze we now call scientific. His observation, his analysis, the interpretation was not only a continuation of the tradition, but had also had, the feedback system of his genius as a feature.The term "universal intellect" could conceal more than one realities.
Because this term absorbs, and synthetically in fact, the advances in physics and in technological innovations.
Therefore, the image of Leonardo da Vinci was not merely Mona Lisa, but the whole world, where the reference point is humanity with its intelligence.
In his spirit, the world has integrated into the noosphere. Therefore, there are mental schemes which are connecting in a combinative manner, seemingly distant events. In other words, through the intelligence, Leonardo da Vinci creates the background of a scene we name science.
The manuscripts are not only visual studies, but also valuable notes which constitute the basis of a scientific advisement. In the verge of tradition, extreme intelligence allows him to determine a required background which is not the result of pedantics or of metaphysics. Leonardo da Vinci focuses on knowledge which he could discover and study through experiment.
In actual fact, he introduces the idea of accessibility.He studies only what he can investigate and nothing else.
By setting his limits, he enters into a reflection that we perceive in the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. In this manner he was able to overcome tradition. His intelligence allowed him to avoid incorporation into an artificial knowledge, with the pretext of perfection.
In summary, Leonardo da Vinci accepts as a model of the world, just the world itself, nothing less, nothing more.

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