The beauty of error

N. Lygeros

Translation: Paola Vagioni

Tasos: Miss, is it correct?

Maria: Bravo, my Tasos...

Tasos: Have I found it miss? (cheerful)

Maria: Not exactly.

Tasos: Then why do you say bravo? (sad)

Maria: For your effort.

Tasos: Miss, why make an effort if you always say bravo?

Maria: Don’t you like being told bravo?

Tasos: I like it, but when it is the truth. You lie to me.

Maria: But I love you, my Tasos.

Tasos: I know it, miss. But I also love the truth.

Maria: Do you prefer to be told that you are wrong?

Tasos: I prefer it. (time) I do not want happiness from you. I want knowledge.

Maria: Aren’t you happy my child?

Tasos: Why should I be?

Maria: But you should!

Tasos: Knowledge hurts.

Maria: Yes, you are right. (hurt)

Tasos: If I don’t get hurt, how will I live?

Maria: Correct. There is no other way.

Tasos: Here you are, miss.

Maria: What is it, my Tasos?

Tasos: The beauty of error or like you say the solution.

Maria: It is so beautiful!

Tasos: You did it.

Maria: But how?

Tasos: You let my error exist so I found the solution.

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