High point

N. Lygeros

Μετάφραση από τα γαλλικά Vicky Baklessi

The spectacle in the crypt didn’t lack spiciness. A scholar expert of the code of knighthood started examining the knights without mount and without armor. He who always wondered what those men thought through such narrow view, was presently totally disarmed. He knew the smallest details of the knights’ helmet. How many times had he felt all of these pieces in the museums: the crest, the stamp, the frontal, the nose guard, the aventail, the chinstrap and the gorget. None of these had any secret for him. However within this crypt, he couldn’t unmask these five faces without mask. He thought for an instant that it was there, without doubt, where the greatness of the teaching of the knight without armor was found. Always to uncover, he pierced the others who had to hide so that their smallness didn’t show. These men had nothing to hide. They were there for a precise purpose. It was up to him to discover it. It was therefore about discovering another code of chivalry which wasn’t lacking in nobility despite the destitution of these valiant knights. The problem for him was to identify their order. Without realizing it he started his enumeration. They didn’t belong to the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, neither to the sovereign military and hospitaller order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes or of Malta, not even the order of the Templar. Nο, these men had no characteristics of these orders. However it was evident that they were strangers. That wasn’t the most surprising because the codices didn’t lie and they were all different as to their title. The scholar thought also that these men had nothing more than these nobility titles. The strangest was that they were not of the same era. It seemed that these men hadn’t lived in the same period. They certainly belonged to different parts of the country but of different eras, it was all together inconceivable. Even erudition had limits in imagination. He was facing men who belonged to a kind of legion – it was the only word that came to his mind-temporal stranger. They found themselves together in this crypt. United in death, the effigies remained unmoved to these reflections. The scholar had not yet touched the concept of humanity. Too obsessed by his ideas to learn, he had forgotten to be human and he remained silent for the effigies. Even erudition had its limits. Incompetent in understanding these men the scholar didn’t know what to do. He sat himself down midst of the effigies, miserable. He had wanted to help these men whom he admired but he was helpless. It was precisely at that moment he heard for the first time their high point.

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