The first shock

N. Lygeros

Translated from the French by Vicky Baklessi

The unexpected had to happen and it happened. Nothing had predicted it. His arrival had not been announced but he was there in flesh and blood. It was in 1364, in Venice. The reconquest of Crete was to be celebrated by games and large equestrian events. Even the king of Cyprus was expected in these festivities staged by Tommaso Bombasio. Only this detail could have been an indication of what would happen that day. Only, who could have paid attention to this in the noise of spears? The meeting took place in the race, this combat was mimicked unarmed. The Master of time was there too. He was to participate in this race as an impartial observer. The battle was in full height when the unexpected happened. Everyone tried more or less to entertain the gallery, but nobody was duped. It was indeed a new form of confrontation even if it was with bare hands. One of the followers of the King of Cyprus entered the curtain walls. He carefully avoided the anarchic blows of the other fighters. He was interested only in one thing, to protect the Venetian. The Master crossed his gaze but the Cypriot was too preoccupied. He finally arrived in the vicinity of the racer when the latter faced with difficulty three assailants. Their exchange lasted only an instant and the Cypriot jumped over one of the competitors to stand back to back with the Venetian. They attached themselves together and literally rolled over their assailants. None of them resisted this counter-attack despite the reinforcements. The human sphere stopped only in front of a colossus from a distant country. Without invitation, he wanted to participate in the race but the Doges had not accepted his candidacy. He had not come to fight but to kill and his target was the Venetian. The reconquest of the island of Crete had left traces in the East. And he was there to take revenge. He took a club and raised it to the human sphere. It drew back quickly and avoided the hit. It re positioned itself. The Master had already raised his hand to disqualify the intruder only the latter did not take into account the warning. Then the Master stood between them. The two fighters could hear his thoughts. They detached themselves and placed themselves on either side of the Master. He was there for them, they would be there for him. The barbarian took a step backward. This position had surprised him. Only he rushed at the three men with violence. The latter leaned on the knight's hands and shoulders without armor, flew into the air and broke his club on his armor which opened like an egg. The barbarian collapsed with all his weight. And a door slammed within time.

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