The power of love

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

Each day that the little muse was absent, the huge monster that had neither feet nor hands, but only a forehead, was thinking all night how to hug her without hurting her. He should prove his love to her even if he was not sleeping, even if he wasn't dreaming. - Do you want to go to the sea? - Are you asking me? I would be very happy... But what about your wheelchair? - Don't worry. I have already thought about it. - Oh, so nice! When will we go? - Today! - So soon? - Yes, everything is prepared. The little muse was happy and the huge monster was for the first time pleased. Surely he knew that she was not yet blissful, because he hasn't showed to her that he loved her the way she wanted. How many nights he tried to sleep in order to dream about her and tell her the next day about it. He couldn't sleep because he wanted to protect her, and then he realized how bad he was with his humaneness. - Did you see how beautiful the sea is? - It is bright. - If you knew how happy I am that you brought me here! - I know. - I wish that we could go for a swim. - We will do that too. - And the wheelchair? The huge monster walked towards the sea with his wheelchair and the little muse followed him. She could not believe that they would swim together. When the wheelchair touched the spume of the sea, the little muse was scared but the huge monster continued fearless. They were both inside the sea and the little muse acted like crazy around the huge monster. He was looking at her and smiled as gently as he could. Slowly, without the little muse realizing it, he let his wheelchair go and touched her with his awful forehead. She smiled and grabbed him from his neck. The huge monster had become the buoy of her love. She threw water on his face so that they play together and he was closing his eyes in order for the beauty of his life to enjoy it. She was swimming around him and was resting on him. - Shall we go to the sun now? Where is your wheelchair? - I don't need it anymore. - I don't understand you. - Inside the sea I can hug you without hurting you. - Yes I saw it, but I need you. - You need more of me dreaming of you. - What are you saying? - That which I hear... From now on I will sleep and dream about you every night. - Really? - And each time that you will go into the sea, I will hug you, my love.

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