About monotony

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

"What is the poison of modern industrialised life? Undoubtedly the monotony- monotony of work and meaningless social and community life. "

Halford Mackinder

For society, the evolution of humanity should not be stable and even less monotonous. The appropriate for society is the monotony that results in the aftermath of it's vision,therefore the immortality of the present.

Consequently, the whole of it's system is based on the idea that life is just one day in repetition. All that matters for people of society is how the day will pass. There are no consequences that touch tomorrow.

The game has only one principle, the principle of repetition. And the rules regard only the day. In this context, even religion is meaningless unless it coincides with the meaning of everyday life. The more simplistic the religion the better it is, because it is easier to implement.

Society alters works to advertisments, songs into chorus, catchphrases to slogans. As a result intellectuals are useless, not only human but also through their work, which has no value. The society gives importance to the office, only if there is a chair. Only in the toilet it allows the absence of a chair, because it has the same function.

The industrial revolution did not remove work, as some experts think. It simply gave time to many people to see themselves for what they really are. How could a person without humanity ever become human?

Society taught it's people that only the existence is meaningful and that life is merely an utopia. Furthermore, with the passing of time, people are discovering or rather more accurately, society reveals to them that this particular utopia is ,because it can turn into an ideal for which people could be sacrificed. This sacrifice was titled by society, suicide. Consequently, it was interpreted as an insult to the system.

The people without history can't have problems. And as we know they have no future, they consider visionaries as dangerous for the rescue of society. After eliminating any resistance,the rescue is transformed into maintenance.

The system feedback is perfectly circular and has one specific mission. It must ensure that society will remain the same. Although this task seems paradoxical due to the inevitable evolution of technology, the absurd is not far to appear.
A simple sociological approach is enough to prove how strong social clusters are. It is, additionally, stable as is the day. As society restricts the activity of memory in the time of a day, no person can do any comparison. And without the context of comparison, there is no evolution field.

In this society even the books have been transformed to magazines and the magazines to newspapers, otherwise they do'nt cease to be hazardous, even if people do'nt read them. Because one human being is sufficient as is the candle that illuminates the darkness.

So books are devoted, increasingly to sports, to cooking, to the car, to the home,therefore the only components of the evolution of the day which is the only one that society allows to humanity. However, humanity lives and therefore our sacrifice is necessary.

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