Mentation and Deviation

N. Lygeros

1.0. There is a correlation between mentation and deviation.
1.1. 1 s.d. corresponds to reality.

1.1.1. There is no mental universe.

1.2. 2 s.d. corresponds to boundary.

1.2.1. There is a borderline effect.

1.3. 3 s.d. corresponds to difference.

1.3.1. Mental universe exists.

1.4. 4 s.d. corresponds to expansion.

1.4.1. Mental universe is cybernetic.

1.5. 5 s.d. corresponds to creation.

1.5.1. Mental universe is reality.

2.0. The universal reality is mental.

2.1. Personal reality is solipsistic.

2.2. Dual reality is noetic.

2.3. Set reality is neuronal.

2.4. The set of mental schemata corresponds to mental universe.

2.5. Mental universe is holistic.

3.0. Mankind is anthropic.

3.1. Man is not unique.

3.2. Man is essential.

3.3. Mankind is monic.

3.4. Nobody is God, and everybody is God.

3.5. God is the mental universe of mankind.

4.0. Noesis is chameleonic.

4.1. Noesis is the difference which makes difference.

4.2. Noesis is polymorphic.

4.3. Noesis is proteiform.

4.4. Noesis is meta.

4.5. Noesis is the future of mankind.

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