The forbidden wings

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Black and white.
In a full small room Christos has been writing all night long with a white pen. Medium long shot.
We see the details of his desk one by one, an icon of Sweet-kissing Mary, dictionaries, Nietzsche’s book, Hugo’s book,… Extreme close up.
From the window we see the sea in black and white like in an old photograph. Point of view.
A single albatross crosses the sky which slowly gains in color.
Doves in a square. Close up. Full shot.
Throughout the whole scene, Andreas and Eva cross the square heading to the old town.
Eva: Looking at the sky. Do you know what’s missing from here?
Andreas: Looking at the doves. Is something missing?
Eva: An albatross!
Andreas: Surprised. What? Medium shot.
Eva: That white opening into the sky…
Andreas: There is no place for the sky on the earth…
Eva: Isn’t it a pity that things are like that?
Andreas: But why?
Eva: Wouldn’t you wish to have wings?
Andreas: To do what with the wings? Time. We live one onto the other…
Eva: Yet, there are people with wings…
Andreas: Unless they keep them hidden, they will have them cut off! Time. They are forbidden wings!
Eva: That’s why our sky is so empty…
Andreas: We don’t like wounds. Time. Wings are white wounds on the blue.
Eva: Aren’t clouds like that, too?
Andreas: Who loves cloudy Sundays, though?
Eva: That’s the difference…
Andreas: What difference?
Eva: Christos used to love them!
Andreas: Smiling. Eva…
Eva: I know, I know. Time. It’s not a good example. Time. Yet, it exists.
Andreas: Right! Silence. How to walk when you only bear wings?
Eva: How to fly with broken wings?
Andreas: How to live without sky?
Eva: Hardly. Silence. Those who can’t fly, cripple the others…
Andreas: What do you want, my darling? Time. Do you want to change the society?
Eva: No…
Andreas: What then?
Eva: I just want it to let them fly…
Andreas: What if they don’t want to any longer? What if they have loved the earth?
Eva: They haven’t forgotten the sky, though… Time. We have… Time. How many times in your life have you looked at the sky?
Andreas: Our life has no sky…
Eva: You see, we belong to their world. Yet, we don’t want them… Their existence is a wound…
Andreas: Changing style. I haven’t thought of this…
Eva: The wound?
Andreas: No, no…
Eva: What haven’t you thought of?
Andreas: Christos’s pens…
Eva: The broken wings…
Andreas: He used to write with his own wings…Silence.
Eva tenderly embraces him. He’s crying. Medium close shot.
Eva: Ease up…
Andreas: Didn’t you want to have wings?
Eva: I didn’t know how heavy they are…Time.
Andreas: I know…He embraces her.
Eva: It’s with their broken wings that they have set the forbidden sky into the books.
INSERT: The sky slowly takes the color of a book… Black and white.

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