The architecture of the sky

N. Lygeros

Translation: Paola Vagioni

It is hard to think of the sky without endowing it with a structure capable of sustaining grand strategy. Admittedly this does not mean that it is deprived of tactical elements.
Nevertheless the nature of the air front needs to be expanded in order to have the capacity to absorb the strategic depth. In terms of architecture itself, the sky represents the completion of an ideal of knowing how to conceptualize vacuum. This allows strategy to make it not only dynamic but also potential. This approach is not only due to avionics but also aeronautics in broad terms, to which it is necessary to associate the ballistic contribution of ground forces. The sky has therefore seen its nature evolving. Initially regarded as a border, the sky has become an intermediary to transform itself into a means. Then this medium is transformed into a bridge. Thereafter it represents the most powerful weapon via nuclear power that combines celerity and impact, shock and fire. In consequence the architecture of the sky is itself a mental strategy because it is not visible except through cognitive perception. This also means that this mental model functions as a paradigm for a mental theory of space. Nevertheless in order to preserve our line of thought, let us return to the problem of the structure of the sky without preoccupying ourselves in knowing if it is transposable or transportable. Also the natural question is on the foundations of this architecture. One of its foundations is the possibility of seeing the invisible distance. As a complementary beacon, the radar scans the invisible that ought to characterize it. It has to function therefore in an asymmetrical manner from the electromagnetic point of view. This point is essential for the aircrafts themselves. This highlights another evolutionist property that permits having a glimpse of the future in this domain. The sky made necessary first of all, the study of mechanics, then kinematics, afterwards fluid mechanics, later on aerodynamics and lastly electromagnetism. In other words, the study of physics evolved to pass from the visible to the invisible and to recently move forward to the field of encoding via cryptography. The chameleonian nature of war necessitated the use of cutting edge technology based on the achievements of theoretical physics and mathematics. Also we must not be surprised by the introduction of quantum cryptography in the sky. It is still one of the paradoxes of physics that is skillfully exploited by air strategy: in order to see more far away, you have to perceive depth, also in order to see big, you have to examine the small. The architecture of the sky is a coherent set of details of this type that functions like elements of a music symphony of a theory in mathematics. After all, isn’t it the characteristic of a cathedral where countless details live for a sole aim, to provide a means for man to reach the invisible. This also makes us realize that in architecture of the sky terms, we are only at the beginning since the mass has not yet given all its energy on this field.

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