The open tower

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Black and white view. Medium long shot.
Flash back.
Lucia and Christos are sitting opposite each other around a wooden table. Christos’s desk is in the corner. Modest decoration.
Lucia: Finally who are you?
Christos: The one you want.
Lucia: But, this is not an answer!
Christos: There is no other than that, though…Time. Were your words a question?
Lucia: Of course they were!
Christos: I am what you see…
Lucia: And what is what I don’t see?
Christos: You see the human being but you don’t see the humanity…Time.
You are looking at the island, but you don’t see the ocean.
Lucia: The man I love…
Christos: But, it is humanity that loves you!
Lucia: I want you…
Christos: I am nobody. Time. I’m just everybody!
Lucia: Sometimes I feel that you live in a tower made of glass… And that you can’t get out.
Christos: It is like that.
Lucia: Doesn’t this bother you?
Christos: No, because the glass tower is the world!
Flashback. End
INSERT: Full shot
Lucia is at the White Tower’s uppermost floor. The coffee shop seems dead.
She’s looking outside where sky and sea meet each other. She feels alone in a world of shadows… The sunset, as if it was the last one, casts light once more into the coffee shop.
Lucia: The light has gone and shadows are left behind…
Andreas and Eva are coming back from the external yard and open the door of the coffee shop…
Andreas: It’s been years since the last time we came up here.
Eva: They passed so quickly…Time. What are you thinking, Lucia?
Lucia: That a shadow needs light to exist…
Andreas: That’s the paradox…Time. Where it is it can’t be found, and it can be found only where it is…
Eva: All the same again, Andreas? Time. Looking at Lucia. Don’t you see that…
Andreas: No! I see nothing! At these moments also I’m thinking of Christos…
Lucia: Do you remember, too?
Black and white view. At the same place. The same persons. We see Christos from his window…
Flash back.
Eva: But, what is he doing now?
Lucia: I guess he’s thinking…
Andreas: When we were out, he wanted to get in…Time. Now we are in, he’s out…
Eva: I wanted to know, Andreas, where you pick up these lines from …Christos is coming with them…
Christos: From here, the kiss of the sea and sky seems to be closer. Time.
Lucia: Where is it?
Christos: There where waves break onto clouds. Time. I want to go there one day.
Lucia: Will you take me with you?
Eva: Christos doesn’t know how to take; only to give…
Lucia: Tell me, Christos, please…
Christos: I’ll take you, as the tower takes the city.
Eva: Namely?
Christos: It’s like the motionless time travel… Time. It doesn’t take anything, because everything is with it.
Eva: But, what does it give to the humans?
Christos: Its future.
Flash back. End
Andreas: Yes, I remember the future. Silence. Each word is really a world.
Eva: He used to talk to us constantly about the future…
Andreas: And we would see the present only.
Lucia: Now we were left with the past only.
Andrea: Every word by Christos was a part of the future nailed into the past.
INSERT: We see them in the White Tower from far away.

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